Save Money on New Driver Car Insurance Dallas

One of the most daunting tasks new car owners have to face is choosing the right insurance. The premium on new driver car insurance is touching new heights every day. Insurance companies take into account a variety of different statistics while concluding the premium amount. To get the best bang for your buck, it is necessary to have thorough knowledge about the different policies in the market.

You have to understand insurance companies look at various risks you may pose and then they evaluate individually to come to your premium account. Moreover, if you are in the age bracket of “riskier” groups, like teenagers or the elderly who are more prone to accidents, you naturally fall under a heavier premium. But there are some things under your control which will help you can save some extra cash on you insurance, especially if you are a new driver. Read on, to know how you can find the best deal on your insurance.

· Research, Research, Research: The very fact you are reading this is a sign that you are on the right track. Read more articles on car insurance and get a broad idea of what to look out for. Browse through some company’s home pages and narrow done on a select few. It’s very important that you individually take time reading the various policies of each company. Check out the testimonials and reviews of the company and more importantly, look at the complaints in various consumer forums. The feedbacks from different sources will give you a nice base to work on.

· Name an Experienced Driver- If you are under 21, you naturally fall into the riskier category and consequently you have to shell out more each year. But if you can add a named driver who is experienced and has a good track record, then the insurance company will lower your premium. The psychology behind this is, as there are two named drivers the chances of the teenage driver will drive becomes lower. Hence, the chances of an accident become low and so the lower premium.

· Black Box Trick- It is very unfair to classify you into the riskier category along with other statistics. If you want to prove that you are a safe driver, you can actually allow the insurance company to judge you on your records. They will fit your vehicle with a black box, which will send your speed records, cornering, braking, acceleration, etc. via satellite, to the company for evaluation. If you are found to be a Good Samaritan then the company will lower your premium amount. But keep in mind some companies also can charge a penalty if you are found driving rashly.

· Take a Driving Course: Not the normal ones you have to pass to get your driver’s license. There are complex tests which will evaluate you in tough challenges and in stressful conditions. If you get certified from these advanced driving tests, some insurance companies will consider you safe and ask for less money. You can simply call it a degree in driving.

· Reduce your Mileage: The logic is simple. The more you hit the road, the more likely it’s to hit something with your car. Each company has a range of mileage on the basis of which they calculate the premium amount. Reduce your mileage to optimize on your insurance costs. Opt for public transport or share a car with your friend. Car-pooling is always fun and environmentally friendly too.

· Choose your Car: Last but never the least is the car itself. Insurers will study your car properly and then decide on the rate. The value of the car and the individual components will carry a bulk of the proportions. Then there will be deeper scrutiny of the security features, acceleration capability, and even tires. So, it’s not a bright idea to pump up your car with expensive modifications just before an evaluation.

Choosing the right car insurance policy may seem a little complicated with so many legal terms and conditions, but it’s worth putting some extra effort into finding it. It’s also wise to buy you policies online to get attractive discounts and deals. If you can afford to pay the yearly amount upfront, do that. It’s best to pay premium annually rather than money as the small rate tweaks add up to a lot. Lastly, drive safe and drive cautiously and you will naturally climb your way to the cheapest premium.